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There was an Irishman, a Mexican, and a blond guy who worked construction together.They were working on top of a building one day, and it was lunch time. The guy slams the phone down and storms upstairs into the bedroom, past his screaming wife, and rips open the wardrobe door.With that particular joke, Dave warned us exactly who he was – a potential rapist.A faint alarm bell went off inside me but I dismissed the wisdom of my body in deference to the louder messages of my culture, laughed along with the crowd, and the rest is history. That I didn’t want to embarrass my old college friend by making a scene? Of all people, why didn’t I know how to respond to this guy – swiftly, calmly and incisively?Most blond jokes are about women, but who said men can't be blond too?Here are 3 killer jokes I found that put the shoe on the other foot, proving that it's not about gender, or about being blond, it's just about making funny jokes!

I promised him I was no longer angry and wasn’t seeking revenge. He said he was slammed with work and would write a longer, more thoughtful reply in a few days. I emailed him: “While I don’t think it was your intention, the message you’re conveying here condones non-consensual sex — sexual assault.I want a world where rape jokes are equally as unacceptable as rape because that will be a world that is much safer for everyone.I hope you will take my words in the educational, loving spirit in which I am sharing them.The owner, a high-profile sports businessman, joined us for the meal, sitting down next to me. I’m a fraud, I thought.♦◊♦I spent a few weeks reflecting on how I’d failed to handle that situation in a way I respected and was actually useful to everyone at the table.For two hours, he ordered dish after dish and regaled us with name-dropping stories from his several decades of glory, never asking anyone a single question about themselves. My mind raced over his words, my heart in my throat. I realized his joke was not only declaring that women are both gullible and in a perpetual state of victimhood in relationship to men, he was also asserting something far worse about men: they’re all rapists.

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